Colours and our services

Please Read Carefully as we offer much more than the colour chart below shows.

These are the most common colours used for Powder Coating & wet spraying.

They are also available in many different finishes. We also do“Custom colours”

we even have a colour matching service available.

To make sure you get the colour you really desire. Just contact us Today, with your request, and we will see what we can do for you!.

Please note: we do not stock all these colours. we may have to order in the Colour you would like.

Why not, Give us a call? To find out which ones we have in stock.

You can find all our details on our "contact us" page, You can also see all our opening hours on our "opening times" page.

Please also check out our "Projects page" To see some of the work we have already done.

We Even accept jobs by post. Further more we will send them back to you the same day.

We finish Powder Coating your Item of choice!

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Wing & Sons Powder Coating


Please note that the colours shown on this page offer only An approximation of their actual real-life counterparts.
We CANNOT be held responsible for any mismatch.
As the accuracy of each computer screen Our users view our Web-Site with will vary.

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Wing & Sons Powder Coating

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We even accept jobs by post. Further more we will send them back to you the same day we finishPowder Coating your Item of choice!